5 Ways To Use Styled Stock Photos

5 ways to use styled stock photos

Over the last few months I’ve gotten to know some pretty awesome business ladies in this online community. And something I hear time and again is that you love styled stock photos, but sometimes you aren't sure how exactly to use them for your particular business. 

Can shop owners use styled stock that doesn't feature their actual product? Oh, yes! J.Crew sends me emails all the time of flowers and tropical foliage. How about service based businesses, can I use something other than a lady smiling at her salad to promote my nutrition coaching? Yes, of course! 

When I sat down to outline this post I came up with so many ideas that this might become a series, but let’s get started with my favorite five for today.

All these images were made on Canva.com, an amazingly simple graphic design software that’s free! (No, I’m not an affiliate. I just wasn't sure how to describe them and that’s their tagline.)

Just like the big brands, small shops need fresh photos to attract the attention of discerning shoppers. Add text and graphic elements over your styled stock to announce special promotions, news and events for your shop or small business.

Using styled stock photos to polish the look of your digital products and service offerings is one way to communicate the value of what lies within that new eBook or opt-in you’ve created. 

Creating a banner image for your newsletter or client communications is just one more opportunity to showcase your brand and professionalism to clients and subscribers. Keeping your images high-quality and consistent across all the ways you communicate with clients will really enhance the “know, like and trust factor” that strong brands are built on. 


It’s no secret Pinterest is a powerful tool to drive traffic to your site. According to an article by Sprout Social "people referred by Pinterest are 10 percent more likely to make purchase on e-commerce sites than users of other social networks, and they tend to spend twice as much as those referred by Facebook." And for those of you blogging info and advice this infographic by Shopify states that the average pin is repinned eleven times and that your reach is greater than your number of followers. So, definitely use your styled stock images to create blog post images that are totally Pin-worthy.


Of course, there is always my favorite platform - Instagram. Crop in, flip or rotate your styled stock photo and post to your Instagram (or other social media) just like it is. It’s a great way to add high-quality images for your followers to enjoy. Even better if you can tie it in with your caption and start a conversation, like “What’s your favorite Saturday morning ritual?”. 

Ok, I hope that sparks some ideas for you and your biz! If you’d like to see more of these types of posts, let me know in the comments below. And if you want to receive FREE styled stock photos like the one featured today, be sure to get on the list right here