Client Spotlight: H. & Clark

Rachel and Andrew Clark are part of a long line of leather craftsmen. In fact, six generations of Howlett’s (Andrew’s family) have owned and operated Auburn Leather in Auburn, Kentucky for over 150 years. 

In 2014, they started H. & Clark to honor their remarkable family history and to showcase the timelessness of quality materials. 

styled product photo leather tote

The Clark's design each piece with a minimalist aesthetic that is timeless, classic and everlasting. Then have it handcrafted by Auburn Leather following the same tanning and fabrication practices used for decades. But their meticulous attention to sourcing unique and quality materials doesn't stop there. 

The Holden Tote, named after their son, and their other accessories are handcrafted out of upcycled leather left over from larger hides that were used in lace making and are tanned and assembled in Kentucky. Each item is adorned with a hand-stamped copper tag and the totes include a unique interior pocket that is hand-dyed in California using 100% cotton ducking and fiber-reactive dyes. All of these details culminate into one-of-a-kind works of art designed for your everyday life. 

styled product black leather tote

When I spoke with Rachel about her photo shoot, she made it clear that she loved their photos taken last year - but felt they didn’t capture her brand as well as they could have. She loves clean lines, urban settings and cool colors. She wanted to stay away from a “bohemian” look and keep styling simple and minimalist with a focus on the products themselves. 

h-clark leather card holder
styled product chocolate leather bag

Some of their brand icons were Madewell, J. Crew and Kinfolk with a dash of Alder & Co., Ace Hotel and Darling Mag. We really focused on the images on her mood board and drew out the elements that spoke to her brand the best. Light backgrounds, neutrals, soft greens and charcoal accents, keeping the prop selections and styling simple and minimalist while still conveying the story of a well-lived life. 

H. & Clark has used their new styled product photography to update their home page, as promotional announcements on social media and most importantly as jaw-dropping shop listings.

sunglasses leather clutch
leather wallet stripes

I gushed over their products so much during the shoot that my boyfriend surprised me with my very own Holden Tote for my birthday last week! (Actually, I believe I said "I'm putting one of these on my birthday wish list! Hint. Hint.")

So drop some hints, or just go ahead and treat yourself! All of their pieces are truly beautiful and can be found at