Client Spotlight: Holly Meyer Design

Holly Meyer is the visionary behind Holly Meyer Design, a boutique graphic and web design studio. 

But Holly does so much more than just graphic and web design. Her passion lies in helping her clients and community discover their roar.

"Your roar is that innate passion that lives deep within your heart."
Holly Meyer | Holly Meyer Design

Holly helps her clients unleash their inner roar through intentional branding, web design and coaching. 

When Holly came to me for custom brand photography, she needed a full collection of branded images to cover all the needs of her multifaceted brand. 

  • Online + Email Courses
  • Design Tutorials
  • Coaching Packages
  • The Roar Tribe Community
HMD 2016 Styled Stock-6v2web.jpg

Holly’s brand colors are black, white, gold, army green, and blush with stripes, cat prints, polka dots and feathers to liven things up. She preferred succulents and greenery over flowers and wanted her brand photography to embrace being unique and wild. Her brand words are bold, organic, empowered, and personable - a perfect balance between Kate Spade and Anthropologie. 

For her unique business we needed a mix of flatlay and lifestyle images. She also needed images that were flexible enough to crop into blog + social graphics and possibly to freshen up her pricing lookbook.

I focused the collection around a lot of horizontals for website layouts and full frame styling so she could crop into the images for more uses.

Based on her inspiration images Holly preferred her brand photos styled kinda messy or imperfect. Embracing the feeling of wild, fierce and natural.

Holly sent me a lot of her own props and we filled in the gaps with a selection of props from my collection + fresh succulents. 

Themes included a book bag for her "Lessons, Tips + Tricks" (aka blog), design tools for courses and tutorials, roar-inspired styling (cat/lion accents) for the coaching packages, and tech/desktop themes for general business use.

Visit Holly Meyer Design for Intentional Branding + Web Design or Roar Coaching to fiercely tackle your business woes. 

You can find Holly Meyer Design at:
Website || Instagram || Twitter || The Roar Tribe

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