Inspired By: Your Dream Office

I was having a coffee chat this week with a social media expert and we got on the topic of custom styled stock for service-based businesses. This comes up a lot. Unless you’ve made this your profession, most people don’t realize what to take photos of to represent a service.

There are several ways to approach styled brand photos for service-based businesses. Some include branded head shots or tools of the trade. But something I like to do to get the creative juices flowing for my clients is to ask them to describe their DREAM OFFICE!

Design: Amber Interiors || Photo: Tessa Neustadt

This puts your brand into more concrete terms. If we can imagine you are welcoming a client into your dream office, it gives us a place to start for the kind of environment you want to create for your clients online.  

Let’s pretend you've hired a real estate guru, an interior designer and a fabulous staff to wait on clients (and you) hand and foot.  What does your dream office look like?  

  • A cottage turned law office.  
  • A high rise suite next door to a fashion empire. 
  • A shabby chic garden to teach nutrition.
  • An industrial loft. 
  • A mid century bungalow.

Now imagine what you want your clients to feel, see, taste. What is the experience they have while working with you? 

  • Is light and bright, or warm and cozy?
  • Are you serving iced tea, coffee, booze?! 
  • Fresh fruit or macrons? 
  • Are you in a comfy chair or behind the desk? 
  • Is that desk sleek and white or weathered wood?
  • What objects might be around? Gemstones, cooking utensils, children's toys, tons of brainstorm journals, or Pantone swatches. 

These are a good starting point for the elements I'd incorporate into styled photos. Your website IS your dream office. The space you greet clients when they first walk in the door!

Share in the comments below! What would your clients see if they were to come and work with you in person? How would you want them to feel in your presence and space?