Hot New Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

Top 5 Hot New Podcasts for Creatives

I'm one of those dorky people that listened to podcasts waaaay before they were cool. I think I started in 2010 with This Week In Photography and quickly discovered the ridiculous antics of Joy Wilson and Tracy Benjamin of the (sadly discontinued) Joy The Baker Podcast. Seriously, I miss those ladies so much - they were like having best friends right in your earbuds!  Now I just gently stalk them on Snapchat and Instagram... but I digress. 

The point is, I've been a die hard podcast fan for a long time, and I LOVE the recent boom of new podcasts that cover basically anything you'd ever wanted to know. 

Today I'm sharing my five favorite NEW podcasts for creative entrepreneurs!

1. Creative Empire (website)

The Creative Empire podcast focuses on bringing fresh content from the industry rockstars you'd typically only have access to at conferences, workshops and retreats. Reina Pomeroy (life + biz success coach) and Christina Scalera (attorney for creatives) are a creative business owner's dream team and really bring a unique and friendly approach to each interview. They've also started a new series mentoring business owners where they share some genuine a-ha moments! 

Episode 14 - How To Market Without Sleaze with Ashley Cox  
Episode 16 - Pricing? What Is The Value Of Your Work  


2. Blazing Creative (website)

OK, this one is already on season two, but it's new to me and I don't want you to miss out! Meghan Maydel and Steph Schertz of Bushyl are hilarious and have an uncanny ability to translate reality TV drama into lessons about business. Win-win. Self-described as "a podcast for creative biz owners who are equal parts goofball and girl boss. Who love to laugh as much as they launch. And who have guilty pleasures for good measure." These ladies to not disappoint. You will learn and you will laugh. 

Season 1 EP4 - Entrepreneurship & Relationships
Season 1 EP31 - Being A Client Is REALLY Hard


3. #createlounge (website)

Kayla Hollatz started #createlounge as a Twitter chat community for creative entrepreneurs and is now curating soul-stirring stories from our own community of creatives for all to hear. If you'd like to get to know the real person behind a brand or business - I encourage you to check it out. You will be inspired!

Episode 8 - Building Confidence With Style with Tiffany Ima
Episode 6 - Unleash Your Inner Roar with Holly Meyer


4. All Up In Your Lady Business (website)

Hosted by another pair of funny ladies, Jaclyn Mellone and Jessica Stansberry bring some fun to the business party! You can hear them twice a week interviewing other lady entrepreneurs and chatting it up. Any episode of Lady Business is always a good time!

Episode 13 - Hello World Paper Co.
Episode 15 - You can Do It!


5. Systems Saved Me (website)

Hosted by Jordan Gill of Personalized Procedures, this podcast is brand spanking new but already a favorite. I'm always curious how other business owners manage to get it ALL done, so this one will be on the top of my playlist as new episodes are posted. I like that she asks each guest what their best business investment was and what was a total waste of money! 

Episode 5 - Megan Weaver with Digital Product Downloads


I'd love to know, what are you listening to lately? What's your favorite new podcast? Let me know in the comments below!