10 Office Chairs For Taking Care of Business

If you run a business that in any way involves a computer, then I’d be willing to bet you have suffered aches and pains that even years of yoga can’t prevent. 

I’m currently on a mission to find my next soul mate of an office chair. I like my chairs like I like my work-from-home wardrobe - stylish and comfortable. #realtalk.

So, I scoured the discussion threads on Facebook, checked in with my favorite interior design blogs and bookmarked a few top-rated office chairs during my hunt.

Here are a few of my favorites!

1. Room Essentials | Upholstered Desk Chair 

This budget buy from my good friends at Target is cute, stylish and comfy. A great basic to support your other office decor. They only sell it in the stores, so be prepared to also buy $100 worth of other things you didn’t know you needed, but have to have!

2. Lumisource | Bachelor Office Chair

This chair (and similar models) was a favorite among the Facebook group recommendations. The description boasts that you don’t need to commit to choosing between comfort or style, because you get both! Now, that’s something I can get down with.

3. CB2 | Mad Snakeskin Office Chair

This one made the list because of it’s fun faux white snakeskin texture and minimalist style. A treat yo’ self chair I’d look forward to editing photos in, or taking photos of!

4. PB Teen | Spot On Desk Chair

The Spot On Desk Chair reminds me of some office chairs my parents when I was a kid, and now that I think of it - my back never hurt during all my AOL chats. And look at that pillow top cozy comfort!

5. Steelcase | Gesture Office Chair 

Splurge alert! The Steelcase Gesture chair was the top pick of 2015 from The Wirecutter. They tested this chair (and others) for a YEAR, analyzed everything, spoke to some experts and then decided this was “the one”. Bonus points for coming in a wide range of colors and sizes too. Check out their list for other options for sweaty backs, and low budgets. (pro tip: check on ebay and craigslist for businesses that are selling their old chairs, you might find a deal on these.)

6. West Elm | Saddle Office Chair

The West Elm Saddle chair has been on my wish list for a good while now. I sit in it every time I visit my local store, but wasn’t sure about going sans rollers. I’ve been using a kitchen chair for the last week or so for a “roller-free test run” and I have to say my dog loves that I don’t disturb her slumber by rolling her over with my wild chair antics. It swivels, it's comfy and has that mid-century vibe that I personally love!

7. CB2 | Rouka Office Chair

Well, hello there. The Rouka chair was just too gorgeous not to make the list! Click through and check out the other product photos, those brass arms wrap all the way around. Love. I think this would work well with a lumbar pillow for extra back support. (a tip many suggested for most chairs)

8. PB Teen | Midnight Chamois Wingback Desk Chair

If you’d like to feel like you are being hugged by a giant teddy bear all day, this is the chair for you! The Midnight Chamois Wingback chair is covered luxuriously plush chamois material, and I ain’t mad at it. So cute.

9. PB Teen | Twill Tufted Desk Chair

I included the PB Teen Twill Tufted chair because it's so versatile. It has great form and comes in a few different colorways, including a metallic Champage Glitz!

10. Herman Miller | Aeron Task Chair 

A cult classic. This was the other most popular chair suggested in the Facebook groups. The Herman Miller Aeron chair is time tested, meticulously designed and super comfortable. If it’s not in your budget right now, check on eBay and Craigslist. I’ve heard of people finding them for under $300. (If you do, grab one for me too!)

That’s it for my office chair round-up. Don’t forget to add a pillow, and if you get a big burly comfort chair, just put a throw on it. It will look fab for all those coffee chats, webinars and client calls you’ll be doing while taking care of business.