Featured On: Systems Saved Me Podcast

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As business owners we have our plates full, and having systems in place to reach our goals is essential. If you’ve ever looked back at your month, week or day and wondered what it is you actually accomplished, then you have to check out my interview with Jordan on the Systems Saved Me podcast!

I’m sharing my one-page worksheet for keeping track of #allthethings in my business. (Seriously, like ALL the things!) Including my secret weapon for keeping sight of the awesome things that happen too. Because we all need more happy dancing and progress parties!

You can learn more about host Jordan Gill and how she can help make your business operations smooth like butta at personalizedprocedures.com!

Featured On: Jordana Randolph // Five Tips for Better Product Photography

Having crisp and clear photos of your products is so important. In this online world, product photography is your only chance to convey the quality of your product when clients can’t touch and feel them before they buy.
While professional photography is ideal, it might not be feasible for a new business to make the investment just yet. So, it’s helpful to have a few DIY photography tricks up your sleeve until you can outsource. 

Today, I’m sharing 5 Tips for Better Product Photography with Small Business Consultant, Jordana Randolph!


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Friday Inspiration: The 'Good Life Project' Podcast

The Good Life Project Podcast
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The latest minisode of the Good Life Project podcast is was so great, I just had to share! 

Guest host, Jocelyn Glei (of Behance and 99u), talks about distractions and how creatives have a hard time tuning out the world around them because "their minds are always open to receiving". 

This is our greatest strength because we are open to inspiration and new ideas, but also it's our weakness because we get too distracted to actually finish and execute on those ideas. 

Hello, who CAN'T relate to this. 

She explains why we are like this and how you can reclaim your focus. Take a listen!



You can find out more about The Good Life Project created by Jonathan Fields (and get a sample of his new book!) at goodlifeproject.com.