4 Reasons To Hire a Pro For Your Brand Photography

It’s in your entrepreneurial DNA, you believe everything is “figureoutable”! You’re creative, resourceful, problem solvers and action takers. But while those skills have helped you get to where you are today, you can’t be great at ALL THE THINGS, have a life and grow your business. 

We can get by, but we can’t be great!  

Hiring a pro when you are ready is the smart move, and I’ll share with you a few reasons why it’s important to have a professional brand photographer on your side.


Trying to coax decent photos from your digital camera (or cell phone) can be time consuming and frustrating, to say the least. And I’m willing to bet spending hours searching stock sites for photos that you like and reflect your brand, is not your zone of genius. 

You have more important things to do like, creating your next product or service, doing client getting activities and serving those clients! Not to mention, having a social life or taking a nap. #realtalk

If you can, I highly suggest outsourcing business tasks as you grow (photography included) to make time for you to run your business and do what it is that you do best.


The pros know how to get the perfect lighting, composition, styling and most of all how to translate your brand elements into a visual story. These are skills that come with LOTS of practice. The quality of your images is the fasted way to tell your online clients that you are taking your business seriously and that your products and services are top-notch. This earns their trust and they feel confident spending their hard-earned money with you. 


If you’ve seen my post on The Style Discovery, then you know that nailing down your brand and style for a photo shoot is my top priority. Great photos won’t help if they don’t connect with your target market or dilute your brand message. If you get lucky you might find some stock with photos that will work, but more than likely you’ll be settling for something that is close but not quite right. 

That’s ok when you are first starting out and discovering your brand + style. Stock has it’s place but in general stock photos are created to serve the most people - not created JUST FOR YOU. And that’s what you need to elevate your brand. 


Exclusivity is the mark of a luxury brand. Having custom styled brand photography ensures you stand out from the crowd. Nothing is worse than searching high and low for stock photos that match your brand just to find out everyone in your industry is using the same ones.

Another important thing to consider is having the legal right to use the photos as needed for your business. When some business owners first start out they might think it's harmless to use photos off Flickr or various free stock photo sites without being aware of the licensing agreements. So making sure your photos are sourced from a reputable stock site or even better having your own made for you will really save you a lot of turmoil and headache down the road.  



Anatomy of a Styled Product Photo

Ok, I’m going to try a fun little feature where I dissect what went into a styled photo. I’ll be sure to cover both service-based and product-based clients, so stay tuned. Let’s give it a go!

When styling a product I like to think about what this product would be doing in its’ real life. Like if this product came to life and got to have the best day ever, doing all the things it was born to do and loving every minute of it. That is the story I want to tell in the photo. I mean, maybe I’m a little nutty, but that’s how I draw inspiration from the product itself.

I also consider the person using this product and what their life is like. Specifically for this tote, what fun adventures will this tote-owner be taking and what activities will she be doing when using this tote. I get most of this information from my clients and how they define their ideal customer. It usually takes some exploring on the Style Consult call to get deeper into what they are doing, and how they are using the product. 

I talked with H. & Clark about their brand and the vision they had for the shoot. Their aesthetic is simple and minimalist. They design their product to be timeless, but not fussy or too traditional. They like clean lines, urban settings and cool colors. Based on their brand style and inspiration images I knew they liked lots of white, neutrals, soft greens. Their brand icons were Kinfolk, Madewell, and Darling Mag

The Holden Tote by H. & Clark


  • Fresh greenery // not fussy, and fits with their color theme
  • Craft paper // casual, farmers market vibe
  • Planner // taking care of business, out running errands
  • April pages // because farmer’s market season!
  • Sunglasses // casual adventure, light colors and understated youthful look, not glam or fussy, but not too hipster either

This shot would have been totally different with fluffy pink roses or glam-ed out sunglasses. The tote is the star of the show and the props tell the story. 

You can learn more about this shoot HERE, and if you are loving this tote - go get ya one right HERE


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