How To Use Your Brand Photos For Pinterest

Using your branded images on your blog and Pinterest graphics creates a uniformity across all your visual platforms. Let’s go over a few tips for getting the most from your branded photos when you use them as Pinterest-worthy blog graphics.

How To Use Your Brand Photos for Pinterest


It is well documented that Pinterest images perform best when in the vertical or portrait orientation. Usually a 2:3 or 4:5 ratio is best. If you have high-quality professional images they should be large enough to crop a horizontal image into a vertical image with no problems. My main image on each blog post is 750 px by 1125 px so that they look great on Pinterest. 


Go through your collection of brand photos and crop them to the correct orientation and dimensions. Do a little work ahead of time so you have one less thing to do when when you are ready to post, is always a treat for “future you”. This will be a go-to source of images you can use and know that they represent your brand and are sized to fit without scrambling at the last minute and using a less than stellar photo or graphic. 


Speaking of graphics (and prep-work), create a template for using with your different branded images that acts as a graphic and text overlay. Many graphic designers are including a template graphic in their branding packages lately to help their clients be consistent across all platforms. If you don’t have something like that, you can use your brand fonts and create one yourself in Canva or PicMonkey.


A Pinterest best practice is to add your business name and/or website to the actual image that will be pinned. While you might not want to do this to all the images in a blog post, be sure to do it to the main blog graphic that you intend to pin. This is essential when links get broken, so that  people can still find you. 


Adding your blog title and info as the file name when you upload the image to your website is helpful because the file name will be the caption that appears when someone pins your blog post to their Pinterest page. Taking the time to name your image files on your blog and website is also great for SEO, but that’s another post for another day!


I hope you found these tips helpful. I’d love to hear your ideas for using your brand photography to promote your business on Pinterest. Share your ideas in the comments below!

My Style Discovery Process

One of my favorite parts of my business is getting to know my clients, their big business goals and honing in on their style during the Style Discovery Process.

The Style Discovery Process by Maura Chamness Photography

The Style Discovery is perhaps THE most important part of my client workflow. Yes, even more important than taking great photos!  (Having high-quality, professional photos won't help much if they don't represent your brand or appeal to your target market.) 

New clients fear they won't be able to explain their vision and that they won't give enough details to communicate what they are looking for. They're worried that if that happens, their photos will end up looking like everyone else's and not reflect their unique brand and style.

These are valid concerns! I get it. 

I have developed my Style Discovery Process to alleviate these fears and guarantee we have a shared vision for the shoot. My clients love our conversations, the questions I ask and the use of Pinterest boards to ensure I get to the heart of what they're saying. I'm dedicated to research, brand awareness and creating images that are unique and specific to their brand. 

So, let me walk you through my system that ensures my clients get exactly what they're looking for. 



Brand + Style Survey

This series of thought-provoking questions help me (and my clients) get clear on their business and target market so we know their custom styled brand photos are attracting the right eyeballs. We will also explore their current business goals so we know how they will use their new photos. If a client is not clear on some of these topics, these questions will get them there!

Inspiration Board

Most clients know what they like when they see it, but have a hard time putting it into words. Together we curate a Pinterest board with inspiration images to identify the common threads that are the foundation of the brand and style. There is a difference between “Anthropologie fun and vibrant” and “Kate Spade fun and vibrant” and I want to make sure we get the right one! 

Style Consultation Call

During our consultation call we will review my analysis of their website and online presence, dive into their inspiration board and survey answers, and discuss how they will use the images. I’ll take everything they've shared from the survey and inspiration board and craft it into a cohesive style for their brand. By the end of our call they know exactly what they're getting and how they'll use it in their business going forward. 

I'll come with ideas and run them past my client to see if we were on the same page. I'm through and ask clarifying questions until I get the information I need to be sure they have no questions or concerns moving forward. 

Custom Styling

After our style call I’ll get right to work collecting the perfect props and backgrounds for the styled shoot. If they are a product-based business or have personal props of their own to include, they ship them to my studio in Houston, TX. Some clients like to be more involved in the styling process than others, so at this point I'll include an optional prop review if requested. 

On the scheduled shoot date, I'll style and shoot. I work my magic so my clients can focus on what they do best!

Have you been thinking of hiring a brand photographer to help create images that truly reflect your brand?

I would love to help! I only have a few spots left in 2016 for clients who are ready to upgrade their brand or product photography. If you resonate with my Style Discovery process and want a brand photographer that will sleuth out your style + vision and create images unique and on-brand for you... then we should chat!

Click on over to my contact page to
shoot me a message, and I'll be in touch soon!

FAQ: What is Brand Photography?

You've worked hard developing your brand and business into what it is today. It would be a shame to see it fall short by using the wrong photos. If you're ready to elevate your brand, then it's time to upgrade your photos to match.

FAQ What is Brand Photography


Custom brand photography is important because it establishes your brand across all your visual platforms. From social media to your website to your print collateral. They are an extension of your logo, fonts, colors and designs.  


In today’s online world we can’t meet every client in person and win them over with our charming personalities, we need our website and online presence to do that. The main goal of your brand photography is to convey specific details and emotions within just a few seconds of potential clients landing on your site. 

If you execute this successfully great photos will do the selling for you. Showcasing your products or services and helping clients relate to your work by getting a glimpse of what their life would be like after working with you.


Have you ever spent hours scrolling through stock images, only finding a few that you like and fit with your branding? So you snatch it up and use it, only to see someone else using the same photo a few days later!  #thenerve

Having branded photography ensures you have photos that support your brand, message and style. A brand photographer will take the time to get to know you, your business and your ideal clients - then create custom photos just for you!


Overall, quality brand photography will help establish you as a professional with a successful business that is polished and consistent in your message. Your clients will know that you are serious about your business and value yourself enough to make an investment. On-brand photos will convey the quality of your work and customer experience - leaving your customers confident that they can trust you.


Brand photography includes anything you have intentionally styled to represent your brand and message. This can include custom styled stock, product photos, headshots, and lifestyle shots of your workspace or processes.


Having crisp and clear photos of your products, that show exactly what they look like, is so important online. This is your only chance to convey the quality of the product when clients can’t touch or inspect the item before they purchase. 

Basic products photos seem pretty self explanatory, but also consider having styled photos of your products too. Styled product photos will set the scene for your how your customers will be using the products in real life, giving context and personality to your creations. 


Custom stock is kind of like product photography for service-based businesses.  These set the scene for how your clients imagine their life during and after working with you. Do they imagine settling in with a good book in a stylish living room after a great life coaching session? Writing in a beautiful journal all about their genius marketing plans for the future? Or whipping up weeknight meals in a gorgeous kitchen using your meal plans? Use these photos to tell them how great their life will be after working with you.


Headshots are essential to humanize your business online. People want to know who’s behind this fabulous brand and business. Well-styled headshots are great for your about page, profile pics and professional bios as you become known as an expert in your industry. 


Just like we all love some reality TV we also want to peek behind the curtain of our favorite brands. Having a few images of your nicely styled desk or a few “action” shots of you doing your thing will help potential clients get a sense of the person behind the business.  


What questions do you have about brand photography? Which type of brand photos do you need to improve the most for your brand? Let me know in the comments below!