The photos were amazing and reflect our brand perfectly. During our conversations Maura seemed to totally get what I was saying, without me having to dissect every little point I was making. The images are beautiful. They are simple and stylish, with just the right touch of casual. I'd absolutely recommend her! 
      H + Clark | Nashville, TN

Maura nailed the style and freshness I was looking for! She's so thorough on the style consultation and her dedication to research and brand awareness is great! I'm totally in love with the simplicity + texture in the images. Not only is Maura a dream to work with, but she's interested in getting the most on-brand photos & really pulled that off. The photos are magical!
      Simon & Ruby | Madison, TN

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these images. I can't wait to completely rebrand with them and I know I'll be getting more sales and making more money just because I've upleveled my brand with one photoshoot! I can't thank you enough, these photos are absolutely amazing! I keep looking at them and picturing them in a magazine. My rebrand is going to be amazing!
      Lovely Case Co. | Charlotte, NC